It’s important to maintain your parking lot or driveway in order to avoid having to deal with costly damage in the long run. The best way to do this is by seal coating your pavement.


Here are 3 reasons why you should be seal coating your drivway or parking lot:


1. Seal coating protects your paved parking lot or driveway from water and the freeze-thaw cycle.

An unsealed parking lot or driveway is prone to deterioration as caused by the natural elements, particularly water damage. This problem is the worst in the winter, when water is able to seep into small cracks and freeze. Frozen water expands, and this causes larger cracks and other forms of damage. Seal coating helps to prevent this damage because it seals in the small cracks and helps to keep water out.


2. Seal coating protects against the dehydrating effects of UV rays.

UV rays are also able to damage your driveway or parking lot, and not just in the summer months. In the same way that dermatologists urge us to wear sunscreen year-round, seal coating fills surface voids and protects your asphalt surfaces from the sun all year long.


3. Seal coating protects pavement from auto-fluid-related damage.

Asphalt is a product made of petroleum, and when auto fluids— i.e. gas and/or oil— fall on the surface, it can dissolve into the asphalt. This weakens the the surface by softening it, eventually causing breakage and cracks. There’s no avoiding the fact that oil and gas will inevitably drip all over your asphalt driveway or parking lot. While you can clean up the spills, it’s far easier to protect your parking lot or driveway from this damage with seal coating.