When paving a backyard area, the playground at a park, your own driveway, or  anything in between, there are a great deal of crucial factors that come into consideration in order to most aptly prepare the are for commercial/residential use.


What does sealcoating accomplish?


Sealcoating ensures the safety of a high or low traffic area by filling cracks in the originally laid foundation piece, neutralizing water and dirt buildup that has caused cracks to swell, and avoiding long term corrosive issues. If not dealt with in an adequate amount of time, these issues can be far more costly later on.


Can I sealcoat my driveway on my own?


The short answer is: yes! Seal coating can be done entirely by the property owner depending on experience. However, professional advice can make a huge difference.


If the job is done inadequately, for example, it may end up being more costly than going to seek professional advice in the first place.


How do I get started?


Take a look at your driveway and note where there are cracks, sunken portions of the foundation, or any signs of long term deterioration. Then reach out and get more info, finding a time in your schedule where you can get your driveway back to the new look it had ten years ago.