Having a court for sports installed on your property is a great project to get started for summer. Here are some tips on what you need to get started.


What is my budget expectation for this new project?


Setting aside a budget is your first step. What are you comfortable with spending? Then, look at the range of what it’s likely to cost. Is this a realistic figure for your budget needs?


What kind of activities am I planning for?


If you are planning for just a few activities here and there, perhaps tennis with a few guests or a basketball court you’ll use on the weekends, that should be considered as well. This will all impact the volume of traffic the surface will be getting. However, if it’s an extremely high volume of guests and family members, you’ll need to be prepared to do maintenance on your end. Also, maintenance can be time consuming so professional assistance is something you’ll want to lookout for as well.


What sort of maintenance upkeep should I expect?


Again, with a higher volume of traffic, expect seal coating to be necessary periodically. Also, patching cracks that breakout will come up throughout the year. Luckily, we service those as well!


If you have any question about our services and installs for your new sports court, give us a call today. Overall, there are a ton of directions you can go in with your project. We’re really looking forward to seeing how they turn out!