Most residential and commercial driveways are made with either concrete or asphalt. While both are cost-effective, asphalt actually comes with more benefits. If you’re looking to pave a new driveway or refinish an existing one, it’s likely that you’re comparing the benefits of asphalt and concrete. Here are all the reasons why asphalt is better than concrete for your driveway.


Asphalt Is Faster To Install


An asphalt driveway is typically able to be laid in one or two days, (all depending on the size, of course). On the other hand, concrete usually takes twice as long to install— and even longer to completely set. Depending on the season, asphalt driveways can be ready for use in as little as two days after completion, whereas concrete can take up to a week to cure.


Asphalt Is More Durable


Asphalt is not subject to the flaking of its surface (the way cement is) caused by faulty installation, incorrect mixture preparation, and salt application to melt snow and ice. Also known as ‘spalling,’ surface flaking is a consistent problem with many concrete driveways, and especially those that were haphazardly installed. Because of the material’s flexibility, asphalt is considerably less likely than pavement to crack over time.