Most people are somewhat familiar with asphalt— it’s a commonly used type of pavement that we see used in all sorts of building and construction applications. There’s good reason for that too— it has many attributes that make it an exceptional material for paving and repaving roads, walkways, lots, tarmacs, and much more.


Here are 5 reasons why you should choose asphalt for your paving needs.


1. It is long-lasting


With proper installation and appropriate maintenance, the asphalt used in your lot can last basically forever.


2. Smooth


Asphalt pavement provides a smoother and even surface when compared to some other materials. The black tops enhance this quality, as well. This plays a huge role in safety in allowing vehicles better traction, providing visibility for road markings more clearly, and causing snow and ice to melt off faster in the winter.


3. Low maintenance


Asphalt pavement does require consistent maintenance if you want it to last forever, however this doesn’t necessarily mean an extensive amount of time or labor. Maintenance includes repairing damages as soon as they appear, and of course, routine asphalt sealing.


4. Fast Project Completion


Since asphalt paving is easy to work with and cures quickly, the time it takes to finish an asphalt pavement project is significantly less than paving jobs involving other materials. This is ultimately both economical for the client who is ordering and paying for the labor and beneficial for surrounding business since traffic obstacles are minimalized.


5. Eco-Friendly


Asphalt is 100% recyclable, which is great for preserving the natural resources of the earth.